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A Mother Goose Academy!

We offer complete preschool experience with age appropriate curriculum and extra-curricular activities for ages 2-5. Our preschool provides an enriching environment designed for natural and joyous way of learning and exploring.

Why Choose Mother Goose Academy

Why Choose A Mother Goose Academy?

Nutritious Food

Our healthy and balanced hot meals are prepared daily by professional cooks at each of our sites,using non-processed food items only.


We use research-based and age appropriate curriculum that uniquely weaves 35 early childhood development and learning skills into playful games and fun projects in all of our classrooms.

Amazing Activites

We offer weekly performing and visual arts programs, as well as sports activities directly at our sites for parent convenience.

Menu and Food Choices

Healthy, nutritious food choices with a variety for everyone!

A Mother Goose Academy -
Our Story

It all began with Matilda! She was found wandering alone in the park. Someone thought that she was a Canada gosling and turned her in at California Wildlife Center.

Turned out that Matilda was a hybrid – a mix between the Canada goose and a domestic goose – telling her apart from other “purebred” Canada goslings’ was the light tip of her beak. In order to protect the species of Canada goose such a hybrid was not to be rehabilitated and released back into the wild and needed to be put down or adopted out.


Happy Parents!