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Preschool San Fernando Valley

Extracurricular Activities and Enrichment Classes

At A Mother Goose Academy we offer weekly music and dance classes as well as Taekwondo and Soccer sessions!








Our special preschool Tekwondo program offers an age-specific curriculumthat has been professionally designed to teach children life skills in fun, exiting and enriching manner.Children learn the value of teamwork, good manners, and trying his/her best at all times. All of the class activities are designed to keep your child mentally and physically fit. Benefits of Tekwondo include better balance, coordination, self confidence, self control, and physical fitness.



Cost for Taekwondo class is:

$90 monthly - 2 classes per week

$60 monthly - 1 class per week

$45 - Uniform cost










Our Dance program is included in our tuition cost and is available once a week for all students of A Mother Goose Academy. DANCEKIDZ is a mobile company that travels to preschools and provides dance programs for boys and girls.

Our customized  program  uses all types of music and dances from ballet, jazz, hip hop  and more!  We focus on developing large motor skills such as: turns, jumps,  marches, gallops and kicks .We also use an assortment of props and costumes  to engage the child as we take a walk through a jungle or park or open a  storybook and have all the characters come to life. It's a dance class that is all about FUN!
We believe Dancekidz custom curriculum will enhance learning in school, improve social skills, teach team work, develop coordination and creativity, as  well as an appreciation for music, and most importantly, confidence and self  esteem.